It requires: 3.0+

Now you have the perfect opportunity to fight with your friendly, companions and fellow workers or any other person anywhere in the world! It can create and personalize to your character using a special machine of skins and soon to show in the battlefield! One is shooter of incredible pocket FPS for all type of players!

*** ways multiplayer ***
Benefits Deathmatch way:
• Everybody and local.
• unique maps of several forms and sizes.
• Varied armament, that goes from magician of the arc, Combat Rifle M16, Golden Delicious Desert Eagle and Lightsaber of the simplest things, in case it wants to carve up to somebody with a knife.
• Up to 8 players in a game.
• Now to chatear is available! It speaks with friendly right in the battle!
• The challenging and exciting experience that really can hooks to you!
Characteristics cooperative way:
• Up to 4 players in a game.
• chat is available also!
• 8 special-purpose maps.
• Hardcore game.
• Currencies like a prize for the best results.

In this way, its character is “expensive to face” with the hordes of zombies that attack to you from all the sides. A great amount of enemies of police and thieves to the nurses and members swat! It is necessary to end them otherwise you are condemned!
Its only task is not easy - to strike all the monsters. You do not leave seeds them of the fear grow in the head. If you survive all the attacks of dead, you will face a HEAD ZOMBIE EVIL in this mod. After to have made mince to him, opens the portal for the next battlefields! Its combat begins.
New interesting characteristics in a campaign way:
• A new field of training for the novices.
• more detailed graphs.
• New interesting maps like a full forest of seeds.
• To cool new songs
• way of more difficult game: now you are not able to pass through the enemies and different crowds. He is careful with the passages and narrow streets! There almost they do not have any possibility of leaving with life!
Weapon decides you by (although it is possible that it prefers an arc or a knife) and to polish its abilities to kill! To render to the maximum and shares your higher score in Facebook and Twitter!
Basic characteristicses of a campaign way:
• Ample variety of arms, like Colt, heavy machine gun, AK47, MP5, and many others.
• A great amount of absolutely different maps.
• Many types of zombies and enemies.
• Impressive pixel graphics HD with dynamic light.
• Impressive effects of sound and songs. It uses the earpieces for the maximum diversion!
• To cool the diversion in the age of shooters of PC FPS.
Now you can make his own skin and use it in the multiplayer game!
Thanks for all the commentaries and advice, really we appreciated it. In this version we have tried to fulfill his desires. It hopes to that the next updates with new interesting characteristics!
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This is not an official application Mojang. RiliSoft associate or is not connected with Mojang AB and its game Minecraft - Pocket Edition. Minecraft is a commercial brand of Mojang AB and it does not receive the approval nor it is affiliate with the creator of this game or its licenciantes.

What has again
The greatest update never - 10.0.0 - already is here!
New characteristics:
- Finally! New chapter of the way campaign is added!
- New way: points of capture with the new map - Mining Camping.
- Now you can play parties 5x5 in the multiplayer way!
- Maximum Level extends to 31!
- New arms and improvements: more than 17 BRAND new arms with the mechanics only.
- Premium Account. It gains additional prizes in parties!
- New balance of the game in the Mortal way Games.
- The rent of the arms and arsenal is eliminated.
- A great amount of corrections of errors.

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