It requires: 2.3 + Mod Google Play

Description: ** Does not execute in devices root

Infiltrate you in the military research laboratory to conspire with the devil and to hunt to the demons!

Perfect-style console of games of action and stealth
Kali, the legendary “Goddess of the Death” in the Revolution of South America.
Neverlight, the counter-revolutionary organization was united demon, after some type of incident.
It exerts two pistols that carve silver in bullets became a secret agent who persecutes demons.
Kali was investigating a strange case happened in Planta de Marine Investigaciones of Axis
when it discovers the great and shady conspiracy of the bankrupt Prometheus Project.
-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------
I have here, the players! The game that always you have wanted is here!
- Console of Hardcore style Action
- Nonbent down
- There are no purchases in-app
- There are no announcements
- Push are no notifications
- There are no recommended requests of friendship
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1. Outpost style console of games of action and stealth
This game never is easy.
For the standards of 2015 games, this it is without a doubt a difficult year.
You really need to put ahead a effort and to practice to erase the game.
This game does not give to many advice about the game mechanic or abilities you.
But any difficulty through the attempts and repeated practices can be surpassed.
Control of double pistol 2. free style
Why used a single is pistol when it is possible to be handled two?
You can point two objectives at the same time and control each hand separately.
He is called on an enemy in the screen to manually block in the objective and the objective,
the destiny button beats that is blocked automatically in the objective,
or it uses the destiny button as a DAP to move the front sight.
3. 31 stages
There are 31 missions with several landlords.
Each mission counts on a structure, style and set of different landlords.
It discovers how each mission gambles
in the 31 stages of Prometheus Chapter 1.
4. The 14 heads with several landlords
Prometheus Chapter 1 has 14 Heads.
Each head is visually impressive and spectacular,
but the true heart of this game is in the landlord of game in constant change.
5. solid argument
The past and the present of Kali, the goddess of the death.
The relation between the shady organizations.
And the characters with different histories.
He experiences all the new world of Byulbram of study, the creator of his Caballeros and Asura Cruz.
6. cinematographic scene with the collapse of grounds and the change of the structures
The adjustment stage changes and some parts collapse as they play the game.
It undergoes the confrontation spectacle with enormous heads and environment in constant change
and the animations of great success without limit.
7. created Abyss automatically Dungeon
Abyss Dungeon is for the users who want to enjoy the game more, even after the cleaning of all the history.
A new adjustment labyrinth is created automatically every time.
It demonstrates your ability in Abismo, where the difficulty is major that the way campaign.
8. More than 90 profits
It can erase this game of several ways.
And there are many profits that can be tried.
It finds hidden profits and to complete to them one by one.

What has again
- Improvement of the application of speed of launching.
- Corrected Crashes or Down in some devices.
- Solution of error in Abyss Boss zombie.
- Corrected Bug in leaving the scene within a barrel.
- Eliminated the permission of invoicing in the manifesto
- Table of Level was changed

It installs Mod Google Play, retires the Freedom, LuckyPatcher, SuperSU. To play.

This application does not have announcements

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