It requires: 2.2+

Description: Wrestling Revolution is now the major 3D fighting sim IN and OUT of the ring - with both aspects of the company in a universe shared for the first time in history!

A fight race challenges to you to take photographies in Ring, whereas a reserve race “” allows him to call to the shots behind the scene - the promotion of entertained parties every week for the qualifications. When seeing each side of the curtain it gives one better appreciation him of the other, and assures that never they become bored again of the free fight! Both ways are available to play free, with the option to update to enjoy the experience “Pro” without announcements or limitations.

And if Pro plays is not sufficient, separately “a Backstage Pass” allows you to play God to keep the changes to the 9 lists before facing its immortal some against others in parties of dream of its own creation! With 4 pages of rules of mixture and the party - including up to 20 fighters in ring anyway or size - the only limit is your imagination. Also it can be relieved without pressure to return to visit the 8 weeks of supercards of promotional tour of the game. Not to mention the process of interactive formation that teaches to you how to block in the first place.

The game tells on an interactive tutorial that it is advised to play through, but the basic controls are the following:
CURSORS = Movement (double touch to send itself)
A = Attack (with a direction to point stop, without aiming under)
G = Clamp
R = To execute
P = Pick-up/drop (with a direction to send)
T = Taunt/Pin duties/Referee
EYE = Change of approach/opponent Turn around
HEALTH MEASURER = Interrupting character
CLOCK = Pause/camera angle Change

* This game also is compatible with the controllers of Android like Nvidia Shield or Moga Pro (way “B”).

What has again
- Exclusively link to try the new school sim!
- Improved compatibility on some devices (please e-mail support with any feedback).
- Twice ace many to rear moves Rep to wrestler (with or without to direction on each button). These have been randomly generated for each to character, under you May to visit the publisher to pick dwells suitable ones.
- New moves include “MGP-Up” variations and an Underhook DDT.
- Fixed Monkey Flip landings.



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