It requires: 3.0+

Description: One is a scientific calculator for the fanatics of the mathematics with mathematical functions widely used like squaring, square root, bucket, cube root, without, cos, so, senh, cosh, tanh, NCR, npr, exchange and much more.

This is a usuary amiable scientific calculator that can be used for its mathematical tasks.

This has following characteristics
* All the mathematical basic operations
* Trigonometrical operations
* Hyperbolic operations
* Logarithmic operations
* 10 variables
* HEX, December, October, operations BIN
* The fractions Support
* Degrees, minutes, second Calculations
* Degrees, Radiate, Support Gradient
* Equation solving linear
* Land Graphical
* The conversions of common unit
* Predefined constants Scientific

What has again
First numerical way added

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