It requires: 4.0+

Description: This application has been developed to play, to connect itself with other people through movable Internet (I talk about to the voice or called video), to see some videos youtubе, (stabilization 3g) or using all this in the portable computers through tethering on the telephone.

The first time when attempt to play games that I have found that ping very high and jump 30-1000 and more. Also skypе called went away it are so sluggish.

So I decided I constructed this small application enough, which forces to deal with connection support H +, to fall of ping to jump, and to increase the quality of movable Internet.

Then, with standard value in surroundings of my table of ping after 95% of the time are low! Also now calling w/or any remaindered good, I only enjoy using this application.

In addition: This application only for the stabilization of an existing connection 3G H + (HSPAP), and I found that some devices Galaxy de Samsung are not supported. But you can prove it proprietor.
Few errors are normal that some minutes of work. If one had many more errors to try to change of servant to github (EE.UU.) in the preferences. (Quan of errors shows in the notification).
Bad if the errors much more (more than 500) by some minutes to use, you would recommend Here you change to me of servant in the preferences, or to lengthen a little interval of bit unloads

Thanks to read this description, Warn if you find some errors me, errors or others. Greetings, programmer of this application, Roman.

Benefit and does not screw oneself!

Characteristic paid unblocked

This application does not have announcements

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