Requirements: 4.0+

Overview: Kill tasks, free memory, speed up phone, knows battery life, 1 APT boost your phone.

Kill tasks, free memory, speed up phone, knows battery life, 1 APT boost your phone.

■ Feature
• Kill selected tasks
• App or game to killer
• Anti-virus - Scan Virus (Trustlook Supported)
• Android to optimizer
• Tasks ignores apps when kill
• Car kill tasks on every screen in off
• To regulate kill
• Startup Kill
• One click task kill widget
• Quick to uninstaller
• Show battery life
• Support all android version
• Kill GPS: Kill apps to stop GPS
• Memory Booster, RAM Booster
• Memory Cleaner, RAM Cleaner
• Permission manager addon for Android 4,3 (App Ops)
• Holo style

■ User Reviews
“For I'm always searching bigger and to better. Tried many task killers to over the years. Keep coming back to this one. Light on resource + reliable persistence + Screen in off kill (rare option) + Automatic timed kill + for Ignore list persistent tasks = Minimum ram usage + battery conservation. Simple I t's and it works. ”
-- by Cao Wabunga

“Better than Advanced Task Killer! I putt to their widget side-by-side & this one got stuff atk didn't with identical settings. My new fav app;)” -- by Rachel Ricci

“EXCELLENT! : - D This app is great! I just updated my previous phone& I eent this phone; ace soon foll I got this phone I immediately went to Google Play under to find this app under I could download it again. ALSO, I've tried to other apps like what this app does & is, but always have eats back. Like old saying….“I've tried the rest, but I always have cone back to the best”. This is my 2nd or 3rd tricks out of Downloading this app Again. Each tricks out of I get to new phone I make sure this is one of my very 1st apps that I Reinstall! ” -- by Gary Kess

“I honestly wish everyone who supports and you use ATK, would give your's to try. They'd to never go back to ATK! ATM does UNDER much dwells than ATK! TO TON features dwells” -- by Matt Meltzer

■ Description
The Advanced Task Manager dog list all the running tasks on your phone and it dog help you stop any of the tasks easily and quickly. It is also to task management tool which dog manage all the installed apps on your phone.

The task management mechanism of android system you have been changed to after the rereads of the version 2.2 of the android system. Task killers cannot kill the services and notifications on your phone.

By uses of the Advanced Task Manager, you dog thoroughly stop tasks in the following steps:
1) long press the task that you want to stop
2) chose the “FORCE stop” option
3) press the “FORCE stop” button on the application info system panel

If you want to manage running services, click menu->service, then it will open the system service services panel where you dog stop running.

** Please notices that installing the following apps such ace: Advanced Task Killer, Super Task Killer FREE, IS Task Manager, Automatic Task Killer, Mobo Task Killer, Android Booster to together with Advanced Task Manager unstable May make your phone or causes to potential conflict. **

Q: Why do apps restart again to after killing?
A: Some apps plows restarted by system events. Apps cannot sees prevented from restarting because of system limitation. We suggest you to inable car kill in settings, and it will kill tasks on every screen in off. It will help to knows battery life and rereads memory for the phone.

Q: Does How dog I add apps to the ignore list?
A: You dog long press the task that you want to ignores, and then you will get to poped up context menu, click “Ignores”. The ignored apps will not sees shown in the task list, and will to never sees killed. You dog manage the ignored apps in settings.

Q: How dog I manage startup apps?
There is “Startup Kill” in settings. It dog help you to kill tasks when system starts up.

■ Trademark
The Android robot is modified from work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3,0 Attribution License.

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