It requires: Android 4.3+

General information: Xenowerk ™ comes from Pixelbite, the creators of Space Marshals. It is a game of action of above downwards defying his abilities battle in an underground laboratory of sciences. It descends more in the abyss and to explore the levels dimmed. Armed with a lantern as his main guide, you never will know what is on the lookout in the darkness!

Your objective is to destroy all the nests and to eliminate all the mutants to avoid that it propagates.
Xenowerk ™ has 50 levels to explore every time with greater difficulty. As it progresses through game you will be with an increasing number of mutants and areas to clean expansion.

Heavier heavier shield and firepower is fundamental to follow with life in its trip. It reunites tablets of died mutants to feed the arms and armors.

Xenowerk ™ counts on a series of special powers to increase its offensive when you are in necessity. It activates one or several simultaneously a more effective way to end the mutants.

• Of above downwards shooter of action
• Tactile controls stick dual
• illumination and shades Beautifully given
• Ample range of arms and equipment
• actualizables arms
• Special powers to improve its game
• The system of qualification of based yield
• iCloud to save support of the game
• Center game Profits and tables of classification
• Social it invites to defy to your friendly
• packages of credit in the optional application for the purchase

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