It requires: 3.0+

This game allows you to equip to your character with an endless number of lethal arms and rare protective equipment, and counts on dozens of techniques of martial-realistic arts animated! To squash your enemies, to humiliate to heads demon, and to be the one to close the door of the Shades. You have what it is needed to kick, to strike, to jump and Slash its way to the victory? Only there is a way to find out it.
- Submerge you in the sequences battle epic, dictated in amazingly realistic detail by
new system of animation.

- To devastate your enemies with intuitive controls deliciously, thanks to a totally new one
fighting interface designed especially for touch screens.
- Trip through six different worlds filled with threatening demons in this action
plenty, fights adrenalin flood with a RPG, intriguer inmersiva history.
- Your fighter with epic swords, nunchacku, magical suits of armor, powers Personalizes,
and more.

What has again
In this update you can find:
- Content:
* You want to change your equipment, but it wants to keep the existing advantage? Mythical Receta is what you need! It takes to his new equipment, it uses orbs purple, and not to lose the force of his old man!
- Improvement of the optimization:
* Several corrections of errors

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