Requirements: 4.1 and up

Overview: This is the official Double bed to shutter application for your Sony SmartWatch MN2, SmartWatch 2, SmartBand™ SWR10 and SmartBand™ Talk SWR30.

With this app, you dog control to shutter of your smartphone double bed from to distance of up to 10 meters. When you want to get in the picture, set up the smartphone double bed, pleases yourself in view and APT to shutter icon in your SmartWatch display or APT your SmartBand™ or SmartBand™ Talk to get in the picture.

You dog also adjust BASIC double bed settings in your SmartWatch such ace flash and zoom lens. If you have the Smart Imaging Stand from Sony, you dog uses this app to steer the imaging stand from your SmartWatch.

To uses this app extension, you must have Smart for Connect and the dedicated Sony app your smart accessory installed on your Android smartphone or tablet.

It notices: When you have installed this app, it will sees activated automatically in your smart accessory. It will not to appear in your application or home screen. Open the application settings via Smart Connect or via the phone or tablet status bar.

Works with: SmartWatch MN2, SmartWatch 2 SW2, SmartBand SWR10 and Smart Band Talk SWR30.

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Android apps and app extensions by Sony plows designed to work with Android smartphones and tablets. However, some manufacturers May have set compatibility limitations in their devices resulting in decreased functionality.


For LiveWare™ extension SmartWatch
Smart for Connect extension SmartBand
Smart for Connect extension SmartWatch 2
Smart for Connect extension Smart Imaging Stand
Smart for Connect extension SmartBand Talk

What's New
- Technical improvements

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