It requires: Android 2.3+

Description: Free Call Recorder for telephone conversations of recording

Call Recorder is an application of recording of calls free. He is one of the best recorders of calls in the Store Play and offers tons of characteristics like:

- To look for
- To group the recordings per date
- Automatic Email (Pro)
- Car to erase old recordings
- Marked recordings like important so that they do not erase of car
- Multi to select, to erase, to send
- Visualization of name and photo
- Excluded Numbers
- Car or Manual (Pro) of recording of calls
- Password of protection of the recordings
- Many of the recording formats
- Capacity of delayed beginning recording
- Different ways from recording by number, contact, without contact or contacts simply selected
- The integration of Dropbox (Pro)
- The integration of Google Drive (Pro)
- WebDAV integration (Pro)
- the FTP integration (Pro)
- And many more…

It altogether does not use ACR with other recorders of calls and to prove different formats from recording (ogg, 3gp, mp4, wav) to find better for his telephone

Some telephones are not compatible with the recording of calls correctly. This is due to the different capacity of the Chips/CPU each brand/model has. Please, ** p consults h: //spam.com/s9wDGU of list of telephones well-known.

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