It requires: 2.3.3+

General information: The Township is a unique mixture of the construction of the city and the experience agriculture for its tablet or Android telephone!

It shares your vision of a perfect place to live! Cultures of harvest, facilities of processing to execute and to sell goods to develop its city. To explore the mine to obtain resources and to gather old devices. Opened coffees, cinemas and other buildings of the community to foment the social life. They are You are ready to construct his dream?

It enjoys these characteristics:
* It uses the variety of buildings and decorations of the community to create the city of your dreams
* To grow organic cultures and to process to them in the factories
* Charismatic and funny characters with outlandish personalities to cheer the life of its town
* He enjoys the easy, smooth and funny controls sign
* To construct the places of tourist interest, like the Statue of the Freedom, Big Ben and many others!
* To realize changes in the landscape to satisfy its needs with architecture
* Amazing animations and sounds do that its town feels life flood!
* To interact with friendly and to share useful goods in Facebook

What has again
* Correction of errors and improvements
Benefit of a new update of the municipality:
* New edit mode: now you can store the buildings temporarily, reason why it is easier to redesign his city!
* “active tourism” of the event: aid people of the town is prepared to go of camping
* New factory: Drinks factory
* 5 new prescriptions
* 8 new expansions
* 6 new decorations
* 6 new signs of the city
* 2 new profits in the City council
* And many more improvements!

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