It requires: 4.0.3+

General information: Looney Tunes Dash 1.55.11 APK already is available so if like this game and wish you to install the last version can be unloaded free.

This is new game of Zynga. In this game, each character has his each and you would have to be able to escape of his enemy. Since it has been said before Bugs like conejito that it had to flee from the persecution of Elmer Gruñón, Tweety Sylvester that left running the persecution, and others.

Like a race of endless game, generally, this game is full of many obstacles in her. The player must jump, slide and break past obstacles. Each character of the Looney Tunes has a special ability, and this capacity can obtain players with the aim of completing played missions. While it is executed, the player can also pick up stars and also he wrote down the highest points.

Game to run endless also is equipped with a variety of levels and in each level it is asked to him the player to complete a certain objective. Unlike another bullfight endless game, where the players simply ran without objective. Tweety managed to save to the house of the Sylvester persecution grandmother at the end of the level. It completes the level objectives to unblock new characters and zones based on iconic landscapes.

Characteristics of Looney Tunes Dash 1.55.11 APK

To go like Bugs Bunny, Piolín, Road Runner and other favorite characters!
To explore and to run in emblematic episodes like Painted Desert, District of Piolín, and much more!
It completes the level objectives to advance in the map and to unblock more zones!
To unblock and to dominate of each character special Ability to be able to execute extra!
Grab potenciadores to fly like a superhero, explosion through obstacles, besides a pile of other surprises!
To gather Cards Collector to fill the wastebasket and to learn funny trivia!
Other Prank characters for more currencies and points!

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