It requires: 2.3+

Description: It travels by the world, to meet new interesting, and to assassinate to them by money!

“Interactive novel of Eric Bonholtzer Is the time To kill” is a extreme-violent word-140000, where its options of control of history. Completely it is text based, without graphs or effects of sound, and fed by the great power, unstoppable of his imagination.

To gain the respect, the reputation and the wealth like an assassin on salary. You are going to be dressed to kill, to drive an exotic car with outlandish arms in the trunk.

But in the frantic world of glamor, of murder on salary, never it is possible to be known in whom to trust and that is firing to take it to end. Who is going to give? To whom it is going to betray?

It is going to be a on salary spiritual assassin or Hitwoman, a ruthless assassin, a total psychopath, that is an assassin just? The decision is yours.

• Now Miller can be united.
• Own adjustment correction of errors nickname.
• Phoenix bug sort.
• weirdo of crashing.
• Orthographic errors.
• Errors of continuity.

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