It requires: 4.1+

To stop the infection zombie in New York before he is global. Like Joe, that is working for a deprived military conglomerate (a called unit Wolfpack). The work for you and its unit are to clean the area of New York and not to allow that the virus propagates by everybody.

To stop the infection zombie before it is at world-wide level - 300 missions full of not eliminated they are hoping
Many unique enemies admitted by special heads like SHERIFF, DODGER, Mine detector and others
Ample arsenal of more than 50 arms (including special rockets against the hardest enemies, of long reach, short-range, heavy arm and hand-to-hand)
5 unique friendly units to help to survive

SMOOTH ACTION 1ª person-gunner
Scheme of unique control MFG for movable devices tried by million players
Intuitive system of firing autofire Perfectly been in tune for game
Support for several controls of game
The adrenalin of precise acute and objective eye

Impressive graphs with many ADVANCED effects
Of hi-res of the smooth shades
Simulated GPU effects of particles, tens of thousands of particles of impressive special effects
Reflecting surfaces texture
SpeedTree benefit Vegetation power
High Models of Character Polygon
Effects of post-processing for a cinematographic aspect

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