It requires: Android 1.5+

General information: Fascinating A single player Game of Strategy
Intense Audio-visual experience
Based on the popular game of Flash with 25 million of fans

• 80 missions in a way of exceptional campaign
A contaminated foreign organism is on the verge of dying… Takes a deep glance in the interior, while its final defense program starts up. It enters a microscopic world of the cells, the neurons and the tentacles of DNA. It takes the control from the last cells of antibodies and to keep all the species from the extinction.

• To do that Possible the Impossible one
You can cure the organism by means of the capture of enemy cells. For it, to draw up to a line between the antibodies and red the enemy cells green. This will open DNA tentacles that drain the energy of enemy cellular nuclei and, finally, reaches them. It maintains an eye in his provision of energy and to increase his attacks to cut the tentacles. It captures all the enemy cells to assure a zone. To cure all the zones and the form of life is going to survive…

• Furious enemy
He is careful with the intelligent and wide-awake enemies ample that is never defended without occurring by won. He will have to maintain the concentration and to dominate the art of the “War of the tentacle” with the purpose of to avoid the death of his host.

✓ All new experience of game
✓ Easy to enter, difficult to leave
✓ HD Display Support
✓ microscopic world
✓ Ambient suspense
✓ 80 missions for a single player
✓ Original Soundtrack
✓ Optional Random Generating Level

What has in this version:
several corrections of errors

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