It requires: 3.0+

General information: The year is 2028 and the humanity is on the brink of madness the extinction. It helps to John Connor in the war to save to the human race in the official game of the new film of Terminator Genisys.

To escape of the prison of Skynet and to fight the machines in this plenty of science-fiction action game of firings!

EXPLOSIVE to shooter in third person
• It chooses between hundreds of missions!
• Incredibly open to you to cross-country road lend-locations, post-apocalyptic
• It uses his tactical skill against an ample range of mortal enemies
• Easy to use, movable controls of answer

• It accumulates an ample variety of present and futurist arms
• To change between guns, assault rifles and sniper rifles and to take the control from the battlefield
• To raise of level your arms with high explosives, depleted uranium, the electrical Plasma and ammunition
• It uses Rockets, grenades and EMP against the enemy

To improve in the roster
• Unite you to the Resistance and to be promoted at levels superiors
• Fight next to member key of the resistance of the film
• Immersive history written by the writer of science-fiction world-wide reputation of Dan Abnett

Of high range, inmersiva gameplay tablet!

1. Limitless Gold
2. Limitless Cash
3. Limitless Blue Credits
4. Limitless Articles
5. The limitless ammunition

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