Description: NOTE: Half-Life 2: Episode One for Android requires a controller to play and it is executed exclusively in the tablet NVIDIA SHIELD.

Half-Life 2: Episode One advances one of the games of action more acclaimed by the critic and more sold for all time, Half-Life 2, with the new history and the action. In Episode One, the player will give to know new secrets the city of 17, to participate in the awarded physical game, and to interact with the impressive creatures.

- A new episode of one of the best-seller and games of action critically acclaimed for all time. It divulges new secrets.
- Incredibly outpost powers of Artificial intelligence of the characters more never falsified was present in a game.
- Physical Gameplay: Objects obey to the laws of the gravity, the friction and the bouyancy. To explore new uses for the tube of the physics.
- Developed by the Source and with high dynamic range (HDR), Aftermath provides incredible adjustments of game.

What has again:
Addition cloud saves and profits, the support of subtitles of Asia

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