It requires: 4.2 + Tegra 4

Description: Portal is a hybrid of FPS and the style of puzzle game that creates a new sort of space mental games, that offers hours of totally unique game.

Located in mysterious the Aperture Science Laboratories and that emphasizes by its humoristic writing, the game it requires reproducer to solve the puzzles and challenges by means of the opening of portals, being maneuvered objects, and moving to themselves through space in forms that before were impossible.

To play Portal today will teach to him how to love a “bucket companion”, if a denominated equipment GLaDOS really wants dead to you, and why their friendly continue saying
“The pie is a lie”.

It plays in NVIDIA SHIELD.

What has again in this version: (Updated: 27 of May of 2015)
The support of TV Android
improvements of user interface
ampler locations
Safe cloud, profits

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