It requires: Android O/S: 4.2+

General information: OlliOlli mixes addictive unique gameplay life with more than 120 tricks and grinds through 50 levels windingly made!

To grind. It isn't sufficient for you? It completes all the challenges to unblock capable super way RAD! It accumulates the majors and fresher stands for casks throughout the way, then the time of his landing perfectly to discard the classification tables. That yes, not to close of blow in its face *. It anywhere in the world competes in all the ways to obtain the highest scores in all the levels and Spot. Daily Grind gives 24 hours to defy him at random to the world in a chosen place. It is possible to be practiced so many times as you want, but that only they give an opportunity you to determine his score. * It is going to close of blow in the face.

• Quad modal: Four ways of game - Race, Spot, daily routine and of way RAD - will have to polish for next months
• It beats for Earth: the perfect landing and to perfectly grind mechanic who him reward by temporisation tricks, to block this and the main line of its brain in the rate of skateboarding.
• exhibitionism: Battle in line for number one in all the ways, tightens in which an extra trick for the world domination.
• Precision Fingers: More than 120 tricks and routines, of boardslides to nosegrinds and kickflips to impossible - their numbers never will become bored!
• horizontally it defied: the amazing amount of 250 unique and astute challenges, perfecting its abilities, pushing more and more difficult - it is going to intensify?
• Platería: It captures several of gold, silver and bronze to put in his digital shelf for the rights to brag final.
• Muzak: ill sound track gathered by hand including the Qemists, Dorian Concept and Flako. Who would have thought the jazz and skate would go so darned well together?

OlliOlli is a game developed by roll7.

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