It requires: 2.3.3+

Description: Such from the Borderlands is a series of games of five parts episodic of the creators of The Wolf Among U.S. and The Walking Dead - a Telltale series Games.

Located in the implacable world of Pandora after the events seen in Borderlands 2, this is a full history of humor marks Borderlands ', after two adventurers in its search of the greatness. You play like Rhys, a Hyperion “I brought” with the dream of being the next Beautiful Jack, and Fiona, a swindler of Pandora in search of never writing down its greater swindle. Sent together like partners they are not arranged in an adventure to in cash reclaim money that both think that he is his, their trip will take to him in a wild trip where gangsters, gentlemen bandits and Vault Hunters are only some of the obstacles that you are going away to find, in this new taking in the universal awarded one created by Gearbox Software.

What has again:
Adjustment for characters erased

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