It requires: 2.3+

Description: To save the humanity, to finish to the apocalypse zombie!

The world is destroyed, the civilizations are in ruins. The surviving humans live in the fear and the desperation, hoping to somebody to guide them and to recover what once he belonged to them.

Raise you to the Hero challenge! In this full world of desperation, he raises to the arm and the fight against the horde of zombies until the end!

Tome all arms and to fight a battle of the blood against the interminable ones adminisering extreme unction to zombies!

Characteristics of the game:

1.Weapon is bound to the system of missions, a design unique and different from the mechanisms of improvement of conventional weapons. To give to the players a fresh sensation for the wars of next zombies!
2.No selections linear missions, this system allows the player to freely choose the missions who adjusts to his style of game; what it allows them to freely wander in the world after the apocalypse zombie.
3.Rich and unique system of rewards, the money is not the only way to survive in this game; there are preparation many types different from the reward for all the players so that each player still can acquire what they need to enjoy the game!



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