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General information: Reproductive GoneMAD of music concentrates in providing tons of characteristics and options to allow a customized experience of sound. With more than 150 personalizables options, music of the way can be listened that you wish.

Reproductive GoneMAD of music concentrates in providing a pile of characteristics and options to allow a customized experience of sound. With more than 250 personalizables options, music of the way can be listened that you wish.

14 days of gratuitous test. The complete version Unlocker can be bought here: http://bit.ly/sKzMAJ

- supported Formats of audio: AAC (MP4/M4A/M4B), MP3, OGG, FLAC, opus, tta, monkey, wv, mpc, ALAC, WAV, WMA, ADTs (4.0+), and 3gp (4.0+)
- Flawless the reproduction without pauses (MP3 and AAC without pauses supported in the majority of the devices)
- ReplayGain Support (track and the gain of the album)
Support - Cuesheet (file of reference and inlaid signals)
- Crossfade (Transitions automatic manual and)
The lists - Smart
- Bookmarking
Valuations To sing
- High Power of 2 to 10 bands of graphical ecualizador with 3 adjustments of quality
- Preamp To take control of the control
Control of audio balance of - Left/Right
Speed of adjustable reproduction w/automatic correction of tone
- Bass Boost/Virtualizer
-16 Incorporated presets of EQ and the capacity to create its own one
- Limitor DSP to avoid the distortion
- Capacity to force the reproduction monkey
- Lyrics

- Very Optimized library multimedia, designed for the great libraries of music (50k +), that works with all the supported formats
- Browse Su collection by artist, album, song, sort, list of reproduction or folders
- Constructed In the explorer of archives
Artist - Album and disc there are supported labels
Publisher - tag (compatible with the massive edition)
- To look for Artists, artists of album, albums, songs and file names

Lists of reproduction - To keep/To load or to create reproduction lists on the march
M3U, PLS - It supports and file formats of list of reproduction WPL
Lists of reproduction - To publish with a easy one to use to drag & to drop interface
-2 Baraja ways: Random tail and Random Collection
Action - Custom on the completion of tails
- Function Plays Random Album

- Automatically To find and to unload the title page of the album
Search art - Manual
Support the title page of the album - Embedded
Bottoms - Custom

-10+ Skins to choose
- Lockscreen Player
Support of control - ics lockscreen
- notification Controls (3.0+)
Support - Scrobble: (ScrobbleDroid and simple LastFm Scrobbler)
- Personalizable System Gesture: 32 assignable actions to 7 different gestures
Controls of the earpiece - Personalizable
- Personalizable Ver Now Playing: 31 labels different to put in 6 grooves
Order of tabulation - Personalizable
- car To resume the reproduction when a telephone call finishes
- Car Pause/to reproduce when unplugging/to connect some auricular or to connect with bluetooth
- Bluetooth Controls of the F000h earpieces
- Automatically To fit the volume when bluetooth of disconnection or earpieces with cable is connected/audio
- It comes With 2x1, 2x2, 4x1, 4x2, 4x4 and widget (personalizable opacity)
Integration - Tasker
Support of control of earpieces button - Single
- Jump to play album, artist, sort, or a folder
Support - Dashclock Dashclock traverse Extension Music
- Supported AVRCP 1.3
- time to sleep
Support multi-window - Samsung Tools

- Tons Of personalizations of user interface and much more

Questions Email/suggestions to gonemadsoftware@gmail.com or to send a report of the application. If it has problems with anyone of the updates, it tries to make a new installation.

Aid: http://ift.tt/Vs7PNu

You want to help to translate GMMP to another language? Visit here: http:// http://ift.tt/1Q2q7Tm

complete access to Internet - Unloading of the title page of the album

to read confidential data of the registry - Error/information of blockade (it is possible to be deactivated in the preferences)

to modify/to erase the contents of card SD - labels of edition, the saving of the reproduction lists, the saving of preadjustments of ecualizador, and unloaded saving art of the album

to read state and identity of the telephone - Pause/To resume reproduction when receiving calls

to deactivate the way stand - To avoid that the device to sleep during the reproduction

to see network state - It verifies if there is a connection before trying to unload the title page of the album

to send persistent emission - Error of information/crash

to change the configuration of audio - it is used to see if the audio connection of bluetooth for adjustments of automatic volume settles down

execution tasks of tasker - information of the track is used to send Tasker playing

bluetooth - Car slows down/to play in the connection bluetooth

What has again
2.0.4 (02/06/2015)
- Corrected Subject with the update of the lyrical view after the course changes
- Added Support for letters of songs for Android by JRTStudio. Letters now can demonstrate within GMMP instead of an external application
Subject - Fixed where the art album would not show correctly in the LockScreen
- crossfading rewrote the title page of the album more time.
- To see Changes for all the changes

This application does not have announcements

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