Requirements: 4.0 and up

Overview: Lollipop users - Mobile Hotspot is*not* working. Google there are made breaking changes in Lollipop and it won't work even with root Access. We're looking in to it currently.

Lollipop users - Mobile Hotspot is*not* working. Google there are made breaking changes in Lollipop and it won't work even with root Access. We're looking in to it currently.
Does Bored of putting your phone on silent every trick out of you get into the office? Does Tired of turning in off Bluetooth to conserve battery every tricks out of juice gets low?
This app interacts with your surroundings to forms settings on your phone automatically. And combines triggers actions to creates tasks to you, then activates to you tasks that you creates with to you conditions that you set!
Here plows examples of what you dog do:
In your to car: GPS open uses Bluetooth ace to trigger to and launch your favorite music app
On your nightstand: Program an NFC tag to set your to ringer to vibrates to you, dim your display and set an alarm
The current free triggers plows ace follows:
- Bluetooth
- Wifi
And ace part of our additional Pro we also have these triggers:
- Battery Level
- Location
- Time triggers
- Charging
- Calendar Events
- Agent
- Headset
And here plows to few examples of the actions that you dog perform:
- Change WiFi, Bluetooth, mobile hotspot, airplane mode (root users in Jello Bean and up), car-sync, GPS and mobile dates settings (root users).
- Change your volumes or notification tones.
- Change your display brightness, timeout, car-rotation, or notification light settings
- Check in on social average like Foursquare or Google You please
- Send messages using Twitter, SMS, Email, or Glympse
- Start or stop Applications (root required for stopping most applications), dock modes, URLs open, speak text, or navigate to an address
- Set Alarms or creates to you to calendar events

This app allows you to easily program your device to do the actions you do regularly. 
Under go ahead and creates your to you own combinations to automate your life. The only limit is what you dog eats up with!
The Wall Street Journal calls it “living in the future.”
Additional actions dog sees found when experimental features plows enabled in advanced settings. Lock car airplane screen and mode plows restricted by for Android but we've created some work around solutions these actions. (It notices: They aren't 100% reliable which is why they're classed experimental ace “features”).
Some we give dog sees viewed on the application website
It notices: When using NFC Tags you dog creates to Switch task to you that will toggle between two tasks with each APT.
We're always working on adding new actions to Tasks. Please get in touch if there's something you'd like to do that's not currently offered.
This application supports NFC Forum Type 1, Type 2, Type 3 and Type 4 Tags ace well ace third party NFC Enabled tags like the MIFARE Classic, DESFire, Ultralight and Ultralight C. Now supporting read-only tags & allowing you to write any amount of dates to any tag using Tagstand's cloud service. This allows you to uses your tags just writable ace you would any tag without worrying about size.

All permissions plows listed and explained here: _https://sites.google.com/site/triggerwiki/permissions

This app you use Google for Analytics aggregate, anonymous dates collection, which dog sees opted out of from the settings page.

What's New
Trigger is back to under activates development! This update contains to first pass of bug fixes for Lollipop and to other reported issues along with to line of vision refresh.
Fixes crashes in Tablet layouts, for Hotspot should work everyone again, some layout issues.
Fixes include Wifi Triggers, Notification Mode (root), GPS/Location, Mobile Data (root), Hotspot (root needed in SOME instances) in Lollipop along with to other reported issues.

Pro features plows unlocked

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