It requires: 2.3+/4.4+

General information: * Winner of the Great Prize of Tizen App Challenge in Roll and the category Games of Strategy *

“… He offers everything to you what a fan of the first stellar exit could have hoped, and soon a little more.” - IFanzine (5.0/5,0)

“Sage Fusion 2 is an interesting game that raises some valid philosophical points and it allows to shoot space louts him with dual pistols. Impressive.” - Computers capsule (7,5/10)

“A novel game RPG either made, or executed and designed” - better Tizen applications (4,5/5.0)

“Kidalang successfully made the perfect composition between exploration and fights so that the game is not boring.” - Games In Asia YOU GO

Located in a futurist universe in which the artificial intelligence considers religious taboo, Sage Fusion 2 narrates the adventure of a businessman and its bodyguards that the reduction to an underground world, trying to return to its spaceship according to information robbed after it fell and crashed in the middle of the city-a accident behind which it is a conspiracy that implies to the galactic government, the military, the church, and the centennial historical legend.

Sage Fusion 2 is a hybrid between roll game (RPG), the adventure and visual novel. This is the sequel of the game of Sage Fusion published previously, and is the last chapter that concludes history. Nevertheless, the game is designed and written so that the new players who have not played the first game can also play.

Sage Fusion 2 is based on history and the gameplay established by the first game, and them improvement in almost all the aspects:
- Time of longer game (Sage Fusion 2 is approximately twice more than the first game)
- More areas to explore
- more attractive battles and scenes of action
- more interesting puzzles
- Progression of the history of faster rate

- History like the most important aspect of the game
- Than 120 bottoms More drawn by hand and story illustrations
- A great amount of the interactions of the characters and the dialog
- Impelled history game RPG with science adjustment fiction
- System battle based on turns style RPG without random enemy encounter
- Control Optimized for the touch screen - without joystick virtual
- secondary missions
- It is not bought in application

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