It requires: 4.0+

Description: Just when you thought that the series of the sniper hunting has finished and you have dominated to the abilities of sniper hunting forest, we bring all a new series of challenge to hunt to the different animal from the fauna in this forest 3d animal hunting.

The dangerous forest is full of animal like red deers, lion, tiger, leopard, wolf, Zebra and many more. With the hunting and of shot of sniper in its mind to enter the forest with your sniper rifle and other equipment like the prisms binocular to hunt animal to be a sniper legend. Missions of invisibility sniper in which it is necessary to look for his prey and to hunt them. You have played many games of hunting with several animal dominion of the abilities to be a hunter. He is something that you have dreamed outside. Everything in one plenty of action of the forest of the hunting in the ebullient green forest more realist surrounded by mountains.

He is a sniper modern animal and to orient with your sniper rifle and of hunting leaves. Animal of wild life are dangerous and are in some place in this full valley of ebullient green of grass, mountains and trees. Winter finishes happening and a sunny day is what the hunting love during the search of its prey. The hunting boundary settles down so that the forest until against the ferocious beasts of the forest enters. Leon is to know for being the king of the forest. To cause that they speak with his bullets. Sniper fleeting abilities 3d would have to be sufficient to hunt to its solo prey with its sniper rifles. It plans his good hunting and to look for firings at the top. To kill lion, tiger, red deers, wolf and other animal of the forest of the fauna. Meanwhile, to protect its cabin in means of the forest of these animal assassins.

★★★ ★★★ HISTORY
To be a hunter superior, that always you thought what will be the next thing for you. To accept a challenge to live in means of a forest within a wood cabin could be mortal for you. With the past experience like a sniper legend army and professional of murder, the conditions still do not favor to him. To live in animal a full forest of the fauna hungry of blood is a challenge. Without companion but exotic armament in this game of the animal hunting of the only objective forest, shot and to kill. Samples that you were born for being a sniper. Snipe like a sniper legend and to kill to the ferocious animal like the lion, the tiger, the panther, the wolf and many more. To conquer the hunting boundary and to survive the life of the hunting of the forest.

• Realistic hunting of the forest for the Environment
• Efficient Control of Arms and zoom lens
• Enemy IA (Inteligencia Artificial)
• Graphs in 3D and effects of sound
• in real time of the animal hunting

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