It requires: 4.0+

General information: To construct to a epic list of heroes and villains of DC and prepares you for the battle in the Injustice: Gods Among U.S. game for mobiles of Netherrealm Studios. Injustice: Gods Among U.S. is a free country to play collectible card game that allows you to create a list of jugables characters, movements and powers and to enter the sand in contact with 3 base 3 battle.

To gather and to play like its favorite icons of DC Comic strip like Batman, Arrow Green, Cyborg, Harley Quinn, Nightwing, Superman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Lantern Green and many others. With each alternative version of these iconic characters to obtain a new set of movements and a new joint fight.

It offers graphs of new generation on his telephone or tablet, with customized animations for each individual hero and villain. Tome the battle to Arkham Asylum, the Batcave and other emblematic places of DC Comic strip, totally rendered in 3D.

It constructs your set of movements, to increase its powers and to win to your competition. Constantly evolving its roster to adapt to its style of game and to put its better equipment forwards while you face a series of combatants.

The battle one uses the mechanics of the touch screen of the Android devices to the battle to your enemies in 3 3. It happens and it is called on to realize stands for casks and to construct its power to obtain special attacks and super movements taken directly from the console version of the game.

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