It requires: 4.0+

Description: Prepare you for a confrontation in Angry IBRDs Fight! - A frenzy match-3 where it is taken in other reproducers in battles in real time from strategic, bird interchange of the agility! Unite you to your ewes favorite in a trip so that she agrees with tons of addictive feathery puzzles!

To be ready to devastate
It plays against your friendly (and enemies) in parties in real time. Race against the clock so that it agrees with the greater number of panels as it is possible to ignite his bird for the fight! GRRRR!

Arm to you
To equip its birds with outlandish arms and armors questionable to give more health, power them of attack and also some special abilities to give the edge him. Flight is fought or!

It explores unknown islands full of challenges - and soon to strike 'member state was in a three party of frenzy! To win to unblock more birds, arms and other articles. It is enough with looking at outside for the pigs of the monster…

To defy to other players worldwide in real time match-three puzzle
Birds Power Up for the fight by game faster and better than its opponent
PARTY 4 to activate special powers, PARTY 5 to begin FEVER TIME!
WIN fights to gain XP, to gain articles and to personalize their flock and its boat
Accessories with different elements to increase the health, attack and to add abilities
Desire currencies of birds in the fights to buy more arms and accessories in the store
TO PLAY the grooves of the luck to unblock more articles - to follow ahead, to give a return him!

What has again
All the Asia-Pacific has been united to the fight!
Prepare you for the aspirings coming from Japan, China, Australia and many other countries!

1. Limitless number of currencies (You will receive after finishing a party)
2. Limitless All the Birds
3. Limitless capacity of birds
4. Limitless capacity Boats
5. Limitless Energy
6. Limitless energetics of the ship



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