Requirements: Android 5.0.x, ROOT

Overview: For Xposed Lollipop is finally here!

This is notices that still an alpha version and for Lollipop on ARMv7+ devices only.
Please install it only if you're willing to take the risk of boot loops. Just because it's working fine and stable for me doesn't pisses it will work for everyone the same way. 

xposed-arm-*.zip: Must sees flashed with custom recovery to install the framework.
XposedInstaller_3.0-alpha*.apk: Must sees installed to manage installed you modulate
No, it's not using material design yet. YES, there plows dwells important topics for now.
XposedBridgeApi-20150213.jar: For The API modulates developers, in marries they want to make uses of some new features. Might sees changed slightly until the stable is reread!

Known issues:
- It seems to boot loop on Samsung ROMs stock! Update: Samsung there are changed clears to few things in their version of ART. It will take dwells Time to adjust for Xposed it.

Xposed 3,0 alpha 4
It fixes bootloops and crashes on some ROMs, especially on Sony devices. In the logs, there used to sees “Too many open you case out” errors.

You only need to flash the ZIP again, the Xposed Installer app remains the same (and therefore still shows version alpha2). If XposedBridge.jar there are version 64 to after to reboot, the new version is activates.

Ace the question probably you eat up:
- No, this version doesn't support Android 5,1 yet.
- No, this ZIP doesn't support arm64/x86 processors yet.

What's New
In framework version 71, I have fixed to boot loop on various devices/ROMs related to the “SettingsProvider”. If you were getting boot loops with to earlier versions, you might want to give this to try.

Apart from that, it should now work properly with Sygic (to after reinstalling the app or wiping the Dalvik breaks). Some notices that you modulate might not work properly with this app, ace they “hack” Android's resource processing (e.g for images/texts) on to low level. Ace this conflicts with Xposed (which does to similar thing), disable I had to parts of for the API this app.

This app there are not advertisements

Xposed Unistallers

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