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General information: BBM that reunites at the moment with friendly and relatives through instantaneous chats, calls of voice, to share images, notes of voice and much more.

It now unloads the official version of BBM of Blackberry.
Chatea with your friendly in Android, Blackberry and iPhone:
• BBM always is connected in and always - there is application no to open
• To know when messages have been given (D's) and to read (r)
• The free voice says “hello” with BBM voice - to call between BBM Contacts *
• quickly the photos of action, archives, documents, notes of voice and more
• To allow contacts to see its live location in a map, driven by Glympse *
• To see when the contacts are responding to their message
• Emoticones for each emotion and mood allows to express to you
With BBM, which joint parties is his for the control:
• Programmed messages: To establish how contacts release they have access to the messages and images shared in a chat before ** disappears of the screen.
• Retraction of the message: “retraction” a message to eliminate it of your chat BBM *.
• You choose how to share your information - BBM uses PIN instead of telephone numbers or directions of e-mail so that he is more private, and to always control who can be put in contact with you
• You choose your contacts - 2 routes opt-in mean that you have control on whom is able of message
To chat and to share simultaneously with many:
• Groups - Groups of BBM help him to share images, lists and appointments with the members of the group You can even be in a group of people who do not comprise of their own list of BBM contacts.
• Multi-person chats - To invite to several contacts to chat together.
• The diffusion messages - simultaneously To send a message to several contacts of BBM.
Channels BBM: Unite you to the conversations that happen now about the things that you like.
• To create a new channel to share its thoughts, ideas and passions.
• Subscribe to an existing channel of BBM to be united to a chat with other people who share your interests.
To create its own profile of BBM:
• Publication of an image of profile with images, photos or images even animated (GIF).
• Update of its state so that people know what you are doing or how she feels
To unload BBM free today.
Positions by data can be applied
Although these characteristics are designed to eliminate the message or seen image BBM of chat of the adressee, it does not prevent that the adressees to capture an image of the content by means of the adoption of a screenshot or being used a device of capture of images. Retraction a message after it has been read by the adressee will eliminate the message of the view of chat BBM, but it will not affect to copies of the message that the adressee can have done before the message that is reserved.
* Note characteristic nonavailable in Android smartphones 2.3.x to run (gingerbread)

What has again
Correction of errors and improvements of yield
A new aspect and to feel inspired by Design of Materials.
Private chat - In a deprived chat, names of the contacts and the new notifications of messages it is hidden, and the chat self-destructs after being in favor inactive of a short perfect time for the type of conversations that generally they have in person.
To publish Message - Crease, to publish and to send again
Hide not used packages of sticker
Appointment Message - Reference and answer to a previous message in the chat
Update of its state of the feeding

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