It requires: 4.0+

General information: ▼ history
It enters an alternative history of universe SPL2. It plays like a concealed police highly qualified, to investigate the scene of deals with it people. Fight of way by the streets from Thailand to the skyscrapers of Hong Kong. To end the more powerful and dangerous criminal organization of inside outwards.

We by hand bring in the full hand true package of action battle and Asians Martial Arts within reach of its hand, 3D Motion captures, graphs of quality HD, it is called on to mechanism of screen, and intense kung fu game to create a unique experience of game.

It destroys to your opponents in the hand to brutal body with our unique system battle.
Total control of the touch screen, limitless air stand for casks, unique super strikes, complete experience HD Arcade.

▼ to become the next legend of Kung Fu
It trains to his movements, to increase his powers, to raise of level your characters and arms. It surpasses all the challenges and to become the next legend of Kung Fu!

To unblock and to play like its favorite characters of Shah Po Lang: Wu Jing, Tony Jaa, Zhang Ci, Max Zhang and many more. Each star of the action cinema comes with unique stands for casks, with super strikes and movements.

▼ TO PLAY WITH 3 different ways of game
** Way history **
It plays through the 50 stages with line of epic history, impressive Missions and to give vent his instinct of survival!
** Way of survival **
Traids comes in you from all the directions!

What has again
- Profits now are available.
- List is added To move and available when pausing one it fights.
- New Stands for casks add to the characters hero.
- IA of the enemies adjust.
- The yield of the game is optimized.

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