It requires: 2.3+

General information:. The zombies are arriving… Already was hour!

The sequel of the adventure success of action and strategy brings the diversion for tablets and touch screens. Unite to you crazy of Dave in a crazy adventure where it will know, to salute and to defeat to legions of zombies of the time aurora until the end of the day. to knead an army of new and powerful plants, to overfeed with Plant of Foods and the power its incredible defenses with new ways to protect its brain. And that is only the principle! The future it has many mysteries… Also zombies. Piles and piles of zombies.
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Characteristics of the game
• To fulfill the new plants that will defend their turf through time
• To go hand to lack-toe with dozens of new zombies
• It increases his floral friendly with Food Plant
• It takes incredible Powers Finger to congeal, film of zombies and zap
• challenges Defeat that will put your abilities on approval antizombis
• Face you the zombies of all the worlds in Party Piñata and to gain prizes
• To gather the currencies to buy powerful potenciadores
• To connect itself to Services of game to unblock profits and to compete against its friendly in the classification tables
• It makes grow his garden Zen and harvest the sweet rewards
• He is kind to the chickens! Zombie!
“Plants versus Zombies 2 is a must-unloading”. - CNET
“Classic an instantaneous one Not only is good, not even simply brilliant, but.” - NBCNews.com
“A experience that is equal of challenging and rewarding that the original one.” - Kotaku
Support of languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese of Brazil
• It requires Android 2,3 (Gingerbread); ARMv7 1,0 Ghz or superior; 1 GB of RAM
• The characteristics can vary according to the movable device

What has again
Despliegue maintains to explore in Lost City Part 2 more gold with the gold leaf in 16 new levels and to survive an encounter in the Zomboss air, with explosive traps the complete update includes.:
• 3 new zombies - taken care of with Relic Hunter
• 3 fresh plants, like toad-allied the impressive Toadstool
• Temple of Bloom Endless Zone
• repeatable Trips Login Missions - to increase its rank with the levels of re-imagined and new forms to play

1. infinite currencies
2. infinite gems
3. I bring forth Infinites
4. infinite keys
5. Unblocked all the updates

7. unblocked exploit
8. limitless to be able special
9. purchases in app crack *

11. It can be played totally disconnected
12. DRM (connectionless)
* it requires connection to Internet

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