It requires: 2.3+

Description: It enters a world of epic fantasy now battle!

Pocket Heroes is a great game of roll strategy and in real time, a team of elite of the heroes can here be raised, each with its own surprising abilities, and they take to them in frenetic battles in real time against monsters.

To introduce a Kingdom blocked in the battle, where the swords, firearms and shock magic. To carve a way through an endless number of monsters, to fight the Cyclops, the worm of the desert, a giant plant eat-men, old comrades-in-arms, and even a dragoon in crossed santa against astute and powerful demons who have contaminated Camelot.

King Arthur is assassinated by the demons and the kingdom submerges in the chaos. As the only survivor of the attack, you, Sir Eric, commander of the real guard embark in a mission to take revenge king Arthur and to restore the order in the Kingdom.

- Characteristic -
• To construct a long-range equipment of numerous classes of characters and to fight against crazy monsters in the battle in real time!
• Fantastic a full world of challenges and of more than 80 enemies, including tiny genies, great dragoons, angry orcos and noble elves!
• It travels in the kingdom of King Arthur and to complete his legend history in so many beautiful scenes.
• To turn its heroes and to personalize them with more than 100 spells! Summoning an angel, or to become an angel? Its election!
• More than 800 equipment to gather! It updates your equipment and to get to be better from the best thing!
• It shares his feats of advantage, and to share his diversion of this impressive game of roll with the friendly!
• Challenge head along with players worldwide!

. To obtain double Currencies/Gems for the first purchase.
. To add button Login/Sync in the beginning screen.

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