It requires: Android 4.0+

General information: FRAMED is a game of noir-multi-awarded puzzle in which to return to organize panels of animated comic to change the result of history.



With a fusion of the mechanics of the totally new game and puzles, framed it has received numerous prizes of design, besides being a “Excellence in Diseño” finalist in IGF 2015.


It is enough with taking humorous panels and interchanging to them with a touch of his finger!


Handmade, awarded art and the animation bring the world to noir of FRAMED to the life.

ORIGINAL JAZZ Soundtrack music

An account of evocative music with activities of jazz in direct fused with subjects modern and rates establishes the mood.

A new experience DELAY

Unlike any thing that you have played before, framed offers a new type of game experience. It connects his earpieces, to sit down and to enjoy!


“My better game in this year doubtless.” - Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear Solid)
“It seems a work of a damn genius.” - Kotaku
“I remained astonished by framed of Loveshack.” - Penny Arcade
“Guilty of impressive.” - Rock, Paper, Shotgun
“Soaked-Noir Puzzle comedian movement obtains great thumb upwards.” - IGN
“Framed it has a style of incredible art, and plays unlike any other thing that we have seen.” - Slide to Play
“Framed you enmesh narrative and gameplay like no other thing.” - Vida Mac
“With a sound track of jazz and a sandy atmosphere in agreement with his sort, framed it is successful in counting a history in more of a sense.” - Complex, Culture MGP
“You do not lose this intelligent and innovating indie jewel.” - Pocket Gamer

** FINALIST ** “Excellence in Design”, IGF 2015

** ** WINNING “VisuaI Diseño”, Indiecade Festival 2014

** ** WINNING “Excellence in Design”, IGF of China 2013

** ** WINNING “Better Game” - Freeplay Independent Games Festival 2013

** ** WINNING “Better Next Game” - International Prizes Mobile Game 2014

** ** WINNING “Better Narrative” - Independent Games Festival of Brazil 2014

** ** WINNING “Better Game of Puzzle” - Intel Level Up Prizes 2014

10 ** PAX SELECTION ** - PAX Prime 2014

** FINALIST ** “Most Amazing Game” - a Festival of Berlin 2014 LABYRINTH

** FINALIST ** “Prize to the Innovation” - Prizes Game Developer of Australia 2014

** OFFICIAL SELECTION ** BAFTA Inside Games Showcase 2014


What has again:
A problem has been solved that causes the music that to stop.

This application does not have announcements

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