It requires: 4.0+

Description: To-Fu Fury is a taking of fast rate, full of action in the puzzle of platforms puzzle of the physics genre. Solve astute and triumph in battles frenetic hand-to-hand.

They adhere to the surfaces of wood, slipping downwards slippery jade, and the metal use to bounce towards his objective… but they ten well-taken care of with the mortal traps and winding Hoshi bandits! It counts the legend of a small one, soft hero, whose powers gelatinous can surpass any obstacle and overcome any enemy. But, who is this fable champion? And for which aspect has a small product bucket of soybean in a tape of red color? Meet To-Fu, the swaying soldier cuboide whose abilities and the speed of the ray combats to turn it into the hero improbable of an adventure to defend to the world of bad Hoshi clan. In his trip, one will be with ferocious enemies and to elaborate challenges, to assume imposing heads, and to sail races of obstacles white knuckles! To-Fu Fury allows him to make optional purchases using real money.

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