It requires: Android 4.0+

Description: This application offers a way easy to form and to use thus the well-known OpenVPN.

This application offers a way easy to form and to use thus the well-known OpenVPN.
Root is not necessary to have the access, since the device tun VPN is handled with the API VpnService introduced with Android 4,0 (ICS).
Now with IPv4 faucet support of devices without the root permission!
Not affected by TLS Heartbeat read invaded (CVE-2014 to 0160)
* Support of faucet device! (IPv4 only)
* VLAN support 802.1Q
* Car to connect in the starting
* Car connect/slows down/Movable disconnection in WiFi//WiMax above/down
* Filter of Application (It requires Android> = 5.0)
* Local Tasker/plugin
* Widgets
* Import/configuration export openvpn
* PEM Import, to der, formats cetfificate pkcs12
* Support for certificates in key ring
* Support of IPv6
* Support for HTTP/proxy SOCKS
* Support for headed the HTTP customized
* Backup copy/restoration of the configuration
Unite you to the community of client OpenVPN (http://ift.tt/1hFz6ea) and you will be able to prove the beta versions, to much more read the news about the application and…
Some advice to put the application on approval:
* In order to concern a configuration file openvpn, copies file OVPN in the memory of the device and to put in the same folder any certificate external archives/keys. Next, to initiate the application, presses in button “+” in the corner right inferior and to choose the option “To concern VPN profile”. After the import, the archives can be erased.
* If something goes bad, it verifies the registry. It can see the registry beating on the name of vpn, and so on in the card Registry.
* If the registry has errors like “ERROR: To TUN/APT” or “open Tun device cannot be opened exception: java.lang.NullPointerException”, it tries to reinitiate the device.
* If the configuration uses the current adapter and the routes do not work, perhaps it would have to add to the option “route of door of connection” in the section “customized Options”, the value of this option must be fit to the local direction of the distance to router.
* If you have the access in the side of the servant, she also verifies the registry in this side.
* It is possible that its configuration is not compatible with the last version of openvpn, so tries to establish the option “To use stable OpenVPN age 2.3.2” in the section “Options”.
* If it cannot solve the problems, please send an e-mail to me to android@colucci-web.it~~V, I will make contact with you in the possible brevity and am going to help him to solve the problem or we give back its money to him
A look throws to this video sent to me of an enthusiastic user…
Robert thanks!
The new function of application filter can be used only in the versions of greater Android or just as 5.0 (Lollipop). This characteristic allows to choose what applications are allowed them to use vpn. The admitted applications will not use the networks as if VPN was not working.
What has again
* Correction: the option “max-routes” must be written “redirigir-gateway before” “route”//“route-ipv6”
* Update openvpn to 2.3.8

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