It requires: 4.0+

Description: It drives your car through the city apocalypse, to shoot several types of zombies, to personalize your car and to obtain more destructive arms!

It tries to be the craziest pilot in the tables of world-wide classification.
Basic characteristicses
- Realistic Handling car based on the physics of the real cars
- Deaths of zombies impressive by explosions, firings and overs car in march.
- To equip new arms in different points from the weapon and to personalize its car.
- Cards of reward of gain to increase to its car and the arms.
- There is great amount of cars and arms to choose with different specifications.
- More than 60 variations of zombies, the traffic, the animations, lands of highways and buildings of the city.
- Game Center of Leaders

- It chooses between bellboys or device of inclination to direct
- Accelerating Touch to accelerate
- Button of the brake of Touch to restrain
- The button Loosen to maintain the speed
Gas button of the touch screen or slipping upwards to shoot -
- Way Artilleryman Pro (to shoot firearms separately) - For the veterans

- The more fast you go the more points that you obtain
- When he conducts himself very fast, to kill zombies, to advance to the fence cars and to jump on the inclines to secure to score of advantage and gold
- You can combine to kill and close one loses stands for casks to multiply his score

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