It requires: 4.1+

Description: Fight by justice like the best martial artist for all time - Bruce Lee!

Defeat to thousands of enemies with powerful attacks incredible, without stopping, the action 2-D.

The victory is in its hands!

You are the Teacher
He plays with the style of the signature and the authentic sounds of only Bruce Lee.

Intuitive gameplay
It uses the mechanics of the blow hard simple to strike or to jump to kick your enemies while it landed great stands for casks.

40 full levels of action
Battle BOSS after grinding its way through hordes of partisans - whereas the saving to its friendly and the profit of other objectives in the way.

It gives vent the fury!
Loading WAY FURY to give to a series of attacks with blinding speed and tremendous force!

It needs an impulse?
It initiates the level with special power-up like inducing sleep PAIN to prevail on his adversaries.

Gear Up!
To unblock powerful arms, like the NUNCHAKU and other special objects as it acquires experience.

Way of Resistance
Prepare you to do in front of the endless enemies whereas she raises tables of world-wide classification for more nocauts.

It obtains compensated with Daily Desafío
It plays every day to obtain his daily reward when winning our more and more difficult challenges.

Bruce Lee: Enter The Game is the game of only authorized video officially by Bruce Lee Estate.

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