It requires: 2.1+

Description: It in line blocks all the publicity when it is sailed, and when using his favorite applications, like Angry IBRDs. He is 100% free and it makes that his much more pleasant Android device.

Adblock Extra blocks: the announcements for mobiles, video publicity, banners, notifications push, publicity screen, publicity HTML5, and much more.

IT CONSIDERS: Adblock Extra can have a limited functionality, following the version of Android in the device and if the device is had ingrained:
Ingrained: It blocks the announcements through Wi-Fi and 3G
Noningrained with Android 4 (or later): It blocks the announcements through Wi-Fi
It does not take root more early with Android 3 or: Certain configuration is required manual. Please it visits our website to learn how to form its own representation: http://ift.tt/USIA4B
In addition, Android does not allow announcements that are blocked in based websites SSL.

Adblock Extra is a opened code, project impelled by the community. Many volunteers are contributing to the development and maintenance of Adblock Extra. At the moment, he has more than forty continuously to update the lists of filters in more than a dozen of different languages, which guarantees that all the annoying announcements follow blocked.

He considers that Adblock Extra probably will become the application of data that use more stop in their Android device. Nevertheless, this is only because Adblock Extra needs to filter the data to assure that the announcements can be blocked. Adblock Extra is in fact only used a fraction of the data that are in their device.

#363: 2015-08-12 16:02 +0200 René Jeschke
Issue 2894 - 'archive.org/web' links fail to open on rooted devices

This application does not have announcements



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