In the middle of the Eighties of the century last, the streets of Compton, California, were known for being of most dangerous the country. Five young people shaped what they lived on a daily basis in a style of music of an immense honesty and, rebelling itself against the abuse of the authority, gave voice all to a silenced generation until then. 

Through ascent and of the meteoric fall of N.W.A., STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON counts the incredible history of five young people whom they always changed for the musical scene and the culture MGP as of the moment in which they counted the truth than it happened in his city, giving foot to a cultural war.

Information of the film:

Original title: Straight Outta Compton

Sort: Biopic, Drama, Musical comedy

Nationality: The USA

Year: 2015

Director: F. Gary Gray

Script: Andrea Berloff, Jonathan Herman

Distribution: Rebecca Olejniczak, Alexandra Shipp, Keith Stanfield, Paul Giamatti, O'Shea Jackson Jr, Aldis Hodge, Jason Mitchell, Corey Hawkins, Orlando Brown, Tate Ellington, Dominique Rodriguez, Allen Maldonado, Dean Cameron, R. Marcos Taylor, Karen Ann Cabrera

Information of the file:

Format: MPEG-4 
Format procases out: It bases Average 
Codec YOU GO: isom 
It cases out size: 639 MIB 
Duration: 2h 21mn 
Overall bit rate mode: Variable 
Overall bit rate: 631 Kbps 
Writing application: My MP4Box GUI

YOU GO: 1 
Format: ABC 
Format/Info: Advanced Video Codec 
Format procases out: High@L3.1 
Format settings, CABAC: YES 
Format settings, ReFrames: 4 frames 
Codec YOU GO: avc1 
ID/Info codec: Advanced Coding Video 
Duration: 2h 21mn 
Bit rate: 512 Kbps 
Width: 640 pixels 
Height: 272 pixels 
Display aspect ratio: 2.35:1 
Frame rate mode: Constant 
Frame rate: 25.000 fps 
Color space: YUV 
Chroma subsampling: 4:2: 0 
Bit depth: 8 bits 
Scan type: Progressive 
Bits (Pixel*Frame): 0.118 
Stream size: 518 MIB (81%) 
Writing library: My MP4Box GUI
Encoding settings: cabac=1/ref=3/deblock=1: 0:0/analyze=0x3: 0x113/me=hex/subme=7/psy=1/psy_rd=1.00: 0.00/mixed_ref=1/me_range=16/chroma_me=1/trellis=1/8x8dct=1/cqm=0/deadzone=21,11/fast_pskip=1/chroma_qp_offset=-2/threads=12/lookahead_threads=2/sliced_threads=0/nr=0/decimate=1/interlaced=0/bluray_compat=0/constrained_intra=0/bframes=3/b_pyramid=2/b_adapt=1/b_bias=0/direct=1/weightb=1/open_gop=0/weightp=2/keyint=250/keyint_min=25/scenecut=40/intra_refresh=0/rc_lookahead=40/rc=abr/mbtree=1/bitrate=512/ratetol=1.0/qcomp=0.60/qpmin=0/qpmax=69/qpstep=4/vbv_maxrate=17500/vbv_bufsize=17500/nal_hrd=none/filler=0/ip_ratio=1.40/aq=1: 1.00 
Color range: Limited 
Color primaries: BT.601 THE PAL 
Transfer characteristics: BT.709 
Matrix coefficients: BT.601 

YOU GO: 2 
Format: AAC 
Format/Info: Audio Advanced Codec 
Format procases out: LC 
Codec YOU GO: 40 
Duration: 2h 21mn 
Bit rate mode: Variable 
Bit rate: 112 Kbps 
Maximum bit rate: 200 Kbps 
Chanel (s): 2 channels 
Chanel positions: Front: L R 
Sampling rate: 44,1 KHz 
Compression mode: Lossy 
Stream size: 114 MIB (18%) 


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