It requires: 2.3+

Description: One is the edition of scholarships for Ananías Roguelike, where you can share his adventures with his friendly and support the development of the game. A look throws to absolutely complete the functional gratuitous version and soon to obtain this one if you like:)

It descends 25 levels in the jail to find the ring of Ananías!

A experience of exploration of traditional dungeons based on roguelikes, but with a in advance designed modern user interface for movable devices.

* It defies to your friendly so that they can submerge more express and survive the dungeon!
* It competes with your friendly and for the world-wide ranking
* To see when their friendly are playing and how they are doing it

Ananías is designed from the beginning with the idea of a simple experience of user for a device of touch screen; interactions are optimized so that you do not have to waste the time with the troublesome movement, whereas still she allows that you can explore the dungeons and fight against the inhabitants of the dungeon.

A simple way of game is also a fort design approach; the game is designed so that you are able to do playthroughs fast, trying to deepen every time in the jail.

There are 41 types of enemies, each with a unique characteristic that makes him be to the margin of the rest. We are favoring singularity versus amount in the design monster.

At the beginning of the game you can choose a mascot monster that accompanies it in its adventure, each of them has different abilities and can evolve towards powerful creatures using magical spells that are in the jail.

What has again
A look throws to the complete changes in http://blog.slashie.net
- Fix 3 errors of shock
- First level Does of a cave
- Automatic Selection of destiny when earth elements are used
- Time of generation level To optimize enormously!
- It retires autoguardado
and much more!

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