It requires: 4.1+

Description: It guides a flock of birds in a playful trip through sky. Dance of winds of a distant world and to create an emotional history without words.
The world is brought to the life by an original score realised by the Conservatory of San Francisco of Music.

The experience is pleasant with any level of ability and it is possible to be finished less than in one hour.

It flies with us.

Compilation of Sky is enjoyed better in a Android of 7 “- 10” tablet. Mobiles or small screens are not recommended.


“Small house of the necessity of goals, and to embrace the pleasant one.” - Rock Paper Shotgun

“In the frenetic madness of the world of the video-games, it is a little while very necessary rest and La Paz” - Hardcore Gamer

“Simple and transfixiantes all simultaneously” - pixelkin.org

“Encounter Sky will take to him to its happy place.” - The Daily Dot

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