Requirements: Android 4,1 and up

Overview: Secret/Spy/Hidden Audio Video//Pictures Recorder. 

Secret/Spy/Hidden Audio Video//Pictures Recorder. 
Start OR Stop Recording phone is LOCKED even when your. 
NonPreview. Not sound. It does not draw up to AT all. 
Press Power button OR Shake OR Wave to your Phone to Start OR Stop recording. 
HD Videos, HD Audio Pictures and best quality recordings. 

Secret Average General Recorder Features: 
• Shake your Phone to Start or Stop recording 
• Press Power button to Start or Stop recording 
• Wave AT your Phone to Start or Stop recording 
• One Touch for Icon Record recording start and stop 
• APT on Hidden notification to Stop recording 
• For Custom icon launcher under the app is completely discreet 
• Shutter changes mode 
• Space left check 
• Battery Level check 
• Notification message control 
• Disable Notification icon under there is does not screen indication that video is recording 
• Very few permissions needed under privacy is assured 
• Talk on the phone while video recording you continue in background 
• Turn screen in off and continues recording (on supported devices only). You know battery and allows long recordings 

Spy Recorder Video Features Video: 
• Full HD video (1920x1080) recording 
• Supports front and back double bed 
• UnLimited Recording 
• Light flash mode selection 

Spy Double bed Pictures Features: 
• Supports front and back double bed 
• High quality pictures 
• Light flash mode selection 

Hidden Audio Recorder Features: 
• UnLimited Recording 
• High quality compression ratio with mp3 


SMR Video You use: 
• Professional hidden double bed 
• CCTV and security video recording 
• Surveillance double bed 
• HD video to recorder for Android 
• Background video to recorder 
• Secret spy double bed 
• Spy video to recorder 
• Mobile hidden for double bed Android 

SMR Pictures Uses: 
• Take picture in class without anyone knowing about it. 
• Ace uses it security double bed instead of CCTV double bed. 
• Keep neighborhood watch. 
• Pattern observes sleeping by taking interval pictures regular AT. 
• Multiple Take self pictures during holidays. 
• Take pictures of meetings and presentations. 
• Natural Take pictures of photos of friends and family. 
• Take pictures while driving. 

Audio SMR You use: 
• For Good for Journalists taking interview on the go. 
• Record your class lectures, for to later usage. 
• Record sleeping patterns. 
• Record what people talks about you on your back. 
• Sting operations. 

*** IMPORTANT *** 
Secret Video Recorder is tested on HTC, Samsung, Sony, LG, Micromax, Karbonn, Lenovo and Lava phones 
If there is to problem, please email me AT viraj49@gmail.com and give me to chance to appears it out before leaving to bad review! 

Permissions Needed: 
Record Video: To record Video dates 
Audio record: To Audio record data 
Double bed: To take pictures 
Write External Storage: Average To store recorded cases out 
Focus car: To inable car focus for video and pictures 

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Secret Average Recorder is developed and distributed by INTank Corp. All rights reserved. 
Developed on HTC ONE X. 

This app there are not advertisements



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