It requires: 2.2+

General information: COLORFUL: Basically it is a personalizable WhatsApp where a pile of colors can be changed, sizes and many other things.
EXTRA limit of ascent: In addition it can increase limit of load means (limit of S-values 16Megabyte) to send archives or videos of great size.
TO SEND ORIGINAL PIC: It can increase the quality of the sent images (by predetermined resolution much is reduced)
AD FREE: It is not added according to WhatsApp original
TO SHARE EXPRESS: It can share music with a single click simply.
PARTISAN to copy/to beat: He can select the part that wishes to copy of text instead of to copy the whole text and to send it to people in its contact.
STATE CLOCK: You can directly see the state in the chat screen from WhatsApp JiMODsv1.1
TO HIDE THE IMAGE PROFILE: It can hide to contact profile photos and photos show the telephone agenda (in chat screen).

confidentiality options
con baneo and the blockade with password
possibility of distinguishing between the collective and regular messages
possibility of a blockade of Watts in the password August
the possibility of sending the size of the video of 30 Megabyte instead of 16 Megabyte
the possibility of sending image 90 without 10 simultaneously
possibility of a case of the number of dependant characters 250 instead of 139 symbols
the possibility of the pressure in the connections without storing to the sender of the message or the number of the proprietor
to counter statistics for groups
To see mass media without load
the possibility of hiding to the name and the date more when two are copied or
possibility of copying case
the possibility of changing the format of the program, and of changing to the icon and notifications programs
and many more characteristic

What has again?
It bases 2.12.246
Support 2 Whatsapp work pre-to install Whatsapp
All the mods more important are had of
New collection of icons thanks to Afif Swaidan
Change of color and the personalization is now easier
Contact Toast line is of return

How to install?
First To unload WhatsApp, besides archives APK v1.1 and to keep it in its PC or telephone.
Tome the backup copy from your chats and lists of diffusion.
Eliminar or Desinstalar the WhatsApp, that already is available in its device.
It opens file APK and to install the same on his intelligent telephone Android.
Now it follows the instructions of screen. It accepts the installation with the button “To accept”.
Enhorabuena, now has settled correctly v1.1 WhatsApp EXTRA in its device.
Now Restore Backup to obtain all the chats and transmitted list back.
Benefit of WhatsApp Plus and Reborn.

* Note: It also remembers to qualify the option to install the applications of third parties

This application does not have announcements



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