It requires: Android 2.3.3+

General information:? “. It desires a challenge to you Ulises Guide marries with Odyssey HD If you are looking for a game of mystical adventure continuation Odyssey HD can also be right what is later… If desires to you to take the challenge to obtain Ulises marries, you you will not want to lose this game”.

• Enormous and classic to point and to click it ventures.
• To be part of the epic history of Homero and to be educated to itself while one reproduces.
• Face you the old Gods, Sirens, Cyclops and other monsters.
• wonderfully drawn by hand the cartoons (Full HD), humoristic dialogs and challenging puzzles.
• synopsis short animation for educative aims.
• Totally translated English, German, French, Spanish, Russian and the Greek.
• Adjustable car for all the Android devices (as much movable + tablets)
• It requires a device with acceleration of hardware (OpenGL)

It enters this point and to click ventures mythical epic. It sees what it is needed for being the Greek hero Odiseo (Ulises)! Prepare yourself to embark in a full trip of danger, mythical creatures and old Gods. Exciting moments and unexpected turns, as well as the presence of the evil of the legendary creatures dominates this mythical long game.

You will have to put in the shoes of Odiseo (Ulises) and his trip to house after the fall of Troy. He took ten years in arriving at Ítaca after the war of Troy of ten years. He comprises of original myth of Homero, to live the adventure, and to be educated to itself during the process.

He has well-taken care of; this is not a simple task. You will have to save of the island of the goddess Calypso, blind person Polifemo cyclop, in front of the Circe sorceress-goddess, to go to the Earth of the death, in search of an oracle, avoids the sirens siren, to pass between the monster of six heads Escila and the Caribdis eddy, and to visit the island of the Sun God. Finally, you will have to kill to the pretenders and to meet with his loved wife, Penélope and its Telémaco son without fear.

What has again
* Smaller APK is now 200%
* There is no necessity to unload additional archives now
* Games run more express
* It corrects security problems
* Correction of errors
* Google security Play Licenses
* Error message Licenses fix

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