It requires: 2.3+

Description: His first daily routine - to create its own beautiful city, unique that has the citizens who compete to enter to live.

But it remembers, greatest of his city obtains, plus the needs of his citizens. This it is a everything-new SimCity game - re-imagined for mobiles!
With an endless number of alive buildings and, graphical of quality in 3D, this he is the most realistic constructor of the city in the mobile. Place buildings strategically to maintain to the taxes that flow and the growth of the city. Pinch, zoom lens and to turn 360 degrees while you manage your city in movement as much - in line as out of line.
To double its power
To create and commercial resources with friendly and other cities. To unblock exclusive buildings like the Big Ben and the Arc of the Triumph, or to give vent the natural disasters (and not so natural)!
To solve real problems of the city like the traffic, fires and the contamination. Services of balance like the energy and the entertainment to give its citizens which needs. It completes the challenges of the diversion for specialize your city and the society forms.
It takes care of your city acquires life - night and day!

What has again
To construct Paris Town in our last update! It creates beautiful new districts and to increase his population with Parisian datum points of world-wide fame. Extra:
· It constructs your airport before to 140,000 inhabitants
· To give/to gain Parisian special articles with the shipments of load of the airport to unblock the Parisian package of personalization
· Purchase/special article sale of Paris in the Global market
· Heliports now have helicopters - its sky to the life brings!
Thanks! It remembers that it would describe us after each update, and to enjoy Paris.

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