It requires: 2.3+

Description: Like an experienced American soldier Army of the United States, that after military training was sent to a frightful mission apocalypse and horrible in the died forest of full dark terror of Of this Halloween in we never introduce the sniper forest of more frightful terror sight bodies of zombies that lost their dark souls, because of the necromancers voodoo and sorceresses coven.

The apocalypse now is happening in great scale and dead creatures leave their asylum (the forest). The horrible atmosphere of this dark day makes the most difficult mission for gunner. If you always wanted to verify same you like professional ghost soldier gunner, and the secret agent of the MI6, company, FBI or SWAT your mission is to shoot that fear to walk creatures died with high accuracy. During apocalypse, left in the forest of horror in the middle of the unjust combat the living dead army it will only try to kill American sniper and to eat his meat. All this happens in a mysterious, dark atmosphere of the horror and the series of full paranormal activities of creatures of zombies died like of the worse history of North American terror, film or series of television. Stay focused and it does not take the way mistaken in the labyrinth from dark fear of the forest as walking dead zombies are hungry of meat.

This includes applications:
Horrible dark atmosphere
Many left places
to walk creatures died like of film of terror or a series of television of terror or horrible histories
Lethal arms preparations for the apocalypse like m1, clear the earth from, hew with an axe
survival abilities apocalypse
sniper rifle
arms battle



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