It requires: 2.3+

General information: Evolution! Evolution! To evolve again! To return to the Jurassic era, the creation of a unique species!

A vigorous war dinosaur, saying to hundreds of million years of glorious in Mesozoic!

“Jurassic World - evolution” is a fantastic game of strategy in which you are going to play the role of the Creator, the creation of its own species in Mesozoic. You will experience everything in the Mesozoic one, from the Triásico to the Jurassic one, and soon from the Jurassic one to the Cretaceous, she can even be able to be present at the sprouting and extinction of the era of the dinosaurs.

[Characteristic of the game]
He was Jurassic Authentic, reproducing heroic dinosaurs!
Colorful evolutionary way, with a new miracle!
To activate latent genes of Kronenbourg, old evolution dinosaur!
She is witness of last the dawn of history, to rewrite the tragic history of extinction!

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