It requires: 2.3+

General information: Clash of limitless Clans! Without They go! PvP! Introduced clans!
We bring the Mod/Hack to him de Clash of Clans, at present, the game with more tendency. Tried in many occasions, by the stability, this mod surely is going to improve its level of game! To attack other players, and to sack its resources. This it is a perfect mirror of the official servant, unless you obtain all limitless one!

Characteristics of the Servant:
64 GB of RAM
Processor 3,7 ghz
2 TV of hard disk

It unloads apk
To install and to enjoy:)

When initiating the game:
- gold: 800 000 000
- Elixir: 800 000 000
- Gems: 800 000

- P.E.K.K.A Reyes
- GOBLIN Reyes
- GIANT Rey 
- Wall crushing Rey
- Wizards Rey
- Super Wizards Rey
- Golem Rey
- Hog Rey
- Rey Washes
- Balloon Rey
- Minion Rey
- Dragoon Reigns
- Valkyrie Reina
- Witch Reina
- Damager Reina
- Super Archer Reigns
- New Tower Dragoon, the tower of the sorceress, Archer Torre (Spesial edition), Barbarian Tower, Damager Torre Healer
-500/Slot Army Camp
- Unblocked All the traps, All the decos
- Unblocked the Gem Package
- And more.

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