It requires version: It depends on the device

Description: services of Google Play are used to update the applications of Google and applications of Google Play.

This component provides the basic functionality like the authentication of the services of Google, synchronous contacts, the access to all the last options of privacy of the user, and the highest quality, the impelled based services of smaller location.
The services of Google Play also improve their experience of application. One accelerates searches connectionless, it provides maps inmersiva, and it improves the game experience.
Applications can not work if desinstala the services of Google Play.

What has again
Notes of Uploader: Extracted of galaxy S6 SM-920i

In order to find out the correct version of services of Google Play for his Android device, it goes to Configuration - > Applications - > services of Google Play and observes the 3 last numbers in the parentheses. You will see something like - xyz where:

* X defines version of Android:

0 for Android = 6.0 later
7 for Android 5.0
8 for the TV Android

* And it defines the architecture of the CPU:

1 for armeabi
3 for armeabi-v7a
4 for arm64-V8A
7 for x86

* Z defines DPI:

0 for Universal
2 by 160
4 by 240
6 of 320
8 of 480


It seems that -7YZ -4YZ constructs turned with services of Google Play v6.5. If you were in -7YZ before, now it would have to install -4YZ.
It seems that -4YZ constructs was divided in -2YZ for Lollipop and -4YZ of malvavisco with Google Play v8 services. If you were in -4YZ before, now it would have to install -2YZ in Lollipop and -4YZ in the marshmallow.
It seems -8YZ constructs are for TV Android.


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