It requires: 2.3+

Description: Welcome to the musical world of Cytus!

It verifies the screenshots and it will never see the most impressive game of movable music!
To play and only to enjoy!

- More than 100 songs and more than 200 variations, including many of the famous composers worldwide
- Drawn beautiful Style by hand of the art (as one acquires knowledge in the screenshots)
- Easy, intuitive system of Active Line Scan and 3 note types
- Different ways from visualization allow a previous view of a friendly note player
- Strong Beat and rates to provide satisfactory information for faucets
- More than 9 levels of difficulty for more diversion and challenges
- Several musical sorts: MGP, jazz, critical moment, hardcore, drum 'n bass and many more
- To connect to Facebook and to show its Cytus abilities
❖como jugar❖
- It follows throughout the Line of Activates Scan
- Touch in each note that the line happens through
- Time of the faucets as the line is in center of the note for a higher score!

In the future distant, the only beings in the world are robots.
They are the last remnant of the human spirit.
Nevertheless, the humanity has not died.
Technology exists that is able to transfer memories to these robots.
But with limited space, new memories will sobrescribirán the age gradually.
In order to avoid that the emotions in the human memories of the distance bleaching, the robots resorted to the conversion of the emotions to music, and their storage in a called place Cytus.
The robots use these songs to undergo the human emotion and to dream that the souls exist in each of them…

What has again
8.0.2 Update of Google Cloud Save Function
Please, it installs this update and to load his kept game the file to guarantee the correction of the cloud to keep the data.
* After installing this version, please, it ignites his cloud function of saving with connection to Internet. Then To complete a song and to load the result of the game of Google Cloud.

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